Batbob with Single Softball Bat Display
Organized Softball Dugout with hanging bat holder
Baseball/Softball Dugout Organizer | Bat Holder
Baseball Bat Hanger clipped on chain link fence
Bat Bob holder with wooden baseball bat
Personalized T-shirt Bob over BatBob and metal softball bat

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BatBob™ is the ideal tool to organize your team's bats on the dugout fence. Made for Baseball and Softball players, the BatBob Pro keeps dugouts in order and protects bats from scuffing, dinging, and getting kicked around.

Organize your Dugout
 Is the dugout starting to look like your kid's room? You need help! The BatBob Pro holds players' bats on the dugout fence. Organizing your dugout with BatBob is quick, easy and proven to work.

Keep your players Safe
Watch out for dugouts without BatBob Pros.  They’re booby trapped!
When one bat falls, they all go down — just ready to roll an ankle or trip up your team.

Bats are At the Ready
Stop wasting time digging through a heap of bats under the bench! With the BatBob Pro, finding your bat is fast and easy. And after you win the big game, packing up the dugout won't cut in to your celebration time. Just un-clip the BatBob from the fence and you're ready to go!

Protect your Equipment
Sticking your bat through the fence is a rookie mistake! They fall off, get dinged up and kicked around. BatBob's bungee loop holds on tightly without damaging your bat, keeping it on the fence but out of harm's way.

Small and Convenient
Ok, this BatBob thing sounds cool but how do I get it to the game?
The BatBob is made from durable, flexible materials and is small enough to fit in your pocket. The ingenious and simple design of the BatBob also allows you to clip it to your bag or even keep it on your bat's handle.

BatBob Gives Your Team Spirit!  
BatBob provides harmony for your dugout and brings unity to your team. When you are in uniform, it’s game time. Let everyone know that you are here to win! BatBob: It’s on your team.

Ruggedly built in the USA, Bat Bobs are also great products for leagues and tournaments, and can even be customized with clubs logos.

  • Tough 1/4” bungee loop with adjuster
  • Strong plastic fence swivel snap hook
  • Fits all sizes of bats
  • Dimensions 1-1/2” x 7-1/2”
Batbob can also be personalized with a customized T-Shirt Bob (sold separately)!